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As a long-term project, I'm playing my way through about 1,400 BBC discs. So far, I am up to 'F'. (Yup... it's a long-term project.) All of these discs can be found on The Stairway to Hell. This list also includes games that I've found not to work during development of the emulator.

I don't play every game fully. I load it using Quickstart, and mess around for a couple of minutes to see if there's anything obviously wrong. Then it's on to the next one! It is therefore quite possible there are games not on this list that don't actually work fully, or have subtle problems that I could have missed. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you find any such problems.

Games are tested in model B mode, slots 4-7 as sideways RAM, and Acorn 1770 or Opus CHALLENGER disc interface. (I was intending to test every one with Acorn DFS, but some slipped through the net...) ROMs loaded were BASIC 2, Acorn DFS 2.10 or CHALLENGER 1.01, Solimon, and Enigma. Games marked as needing an "E00 DFS" were tested using CHALLENGER.

I'm sufficiently confident of model-b's accuracy that I am listing only the games that don't work.

Games that don't work properly:

Disc name Problem
2002 display spannered. Corrupt copy?
Defender aliens bunched together and ship explosion wrong.
BugEyes-alt features broken Master compatibility fix (won't work on a real Beeb either)
CastleQuest features broken Master compatibility fix (won't work on a real Beeb either)
ChartChallenge88 hangs before loading
ConditionRed broken display
Confrontation empty map on startup
DoublePhantom requires special cable, it seems (needs two BBCs)

Games that I've found do work, but might not appear to:

Disc name Fix
AsteroidsDeluxe Needs E00 DFS
BeebBeep Needs E00 DFS
Boffin Needs a wide screen -- use Video on the Options menu to increase the width from 640.
Boot Hill Doesn't work with CHALLENGER (gets confused by PAGE being at &E00? didn't look into it)
CrownJewels-electron Despite having code to relocate the program, requires an E00 DFS
Elite Not compatible with Acorn 1770 DFS. Appear to work OK with CHALLENGER

And finally, some games I'm simply not sure about:

Disc name Details
ChichenItza Loads and runs, but how do you play it? The NPCs seem to move very slowly, too...


Tom Seddon -- email modelb snail bbcmicro full-stop com