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I've made some retro fonts in Windows .FON format using Simon Tatham's mkwinfont script.

To use, download the relevant file, then drag and drop it into the fonts section of the control panel.

teletext font

It's not as readable as I'd hoped, but it works quite well for programming.

The font originally came from BeebEm, I think. It looked to be a pixel-by-pixel reproduction of the one in the teletext chip data sheet. (However, I haven't checked every pixel...) The font you find here isn't quite the same, though -- the teletext font has some odd characters, like the 1/4 and 3/4 symbols, so I replaced those with something more suitable. Maybe one day I'll line up the { and } characters.

Here's a screenshot:

Download teletext font (.FON file, 8K, font name "teletext")

atari st monochrome system font

I spent a lot of time staring at this when I was younger. I'm sure it seemed more readable back then.

Download Atari ST monochrome system font (.FON file, 11K, font name "system2")

other cool programming fonts

ProFont and Sheldon

X fonts for Windows

coming soon

The BBC graphics font.

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